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Vehicle Window Tint Service

Common Window TintING Questions Answered

Do you machine-cut or hand-cut for your vehicle window tinting?

We machine-cut our window tints. Hand-cuts aren’t always perfect, that is why we choose to machine-cut for our clients. One thing that differentiates us is we remove the door panels of our client cars to ensure maximum coverage of the tinting.

Do you warranty your tinting work?

Yes we do, and we offer our clients a warranty of three years.

We are XPEL Certified. XPEL is a paint protection and window film tint company. Being certified means we have excelled in their hands-on course, and that a business has met high standards of verified performance, transparency, and accountability in this industry.

What is your turnaround time for vehicle window tinting?

For five windows (a full car), the approximate completion time would be approximately three hours.

At the time of this writing, we’re window tinting the front two windows of a Corvette in our shop, and it will be completed in an hour.

The normal requests are for all five windows, the front two windows, or the back three windows.

What is your pricing for your packages?

For two back windows, the price ranges from $90 to $120. 

For the back five windows, that would be approximately $180.

For the whole car (seven windows), it will be approximately $250. 

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